Marquette Corse - Dry

This wonderful wine has been absent from our wine list

for a couple of years due to suboptimal harvests.  Corse means spicy and full-bodied which describes the Marquette wine aged in a spicy French oak.  Pairs with beef an turkey dishes.     $19.95

Marquette - Dry

This estate grown wine sports a very dark color from the extended skin contact during fermentation.  It is medium bodied with tastes of cherry, blackberry and vanilla.  Pairs with beef, turkey, hearty stew dishes or can be enjoyed on its own.   Especially wonderful with your Thanksgiving  dinner. $19.95

Red Wines

Frontenac - Dry

This is our first gold medal winner. It is full bodied with tastes of cherry, blackberry and vanilla.  Pairs with beef and pasta dishes.  Amazing with dark chocolate desserts.  $16.95

Tibbetts Point Sunset

Red - Sweet

This wine is made from the King of the North grape and has a definite grape nose enhanced with a sweetness.  Pairs with spicy chicken, pork and beef.   $11.95

Cabernet  Sauvignon - Dry

Full bodied with hints of blackcurrants, plums, cherries and vanilla.  Pairs with steaks, short ribs, blue cheese and even chocolate.    $16.95

Deux Chevaux Rouge - Sweet

This wine is our only blended wine and includes grapes from our vineyard.   It has fruit on the palate with raspberry and cherry flavors, perfect with pizza, pasta and grilled meats.  Serve chilled.   $14.95

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